Warlord Transmissions will be new sorts of announcements written in particular way. These are announcement coming directly from Gryphticon, Gryphus Tech Corporation's Warlord

They will often have important information so be sure to read them carefully to not miss any detail.

Transmission IEdit

The Gradivus Dilemma - Ally with the Grineers - Link October 26, 2013
Warlord Transmission2

Hello members of the Corporation,

I have important news concerning this event. Our polls showed us that the majority of you preferred the Grineer due to their tactical advantages and rewards. Due to this, we are now officially supporting the Grineer in their war.

This means that everyone in the Gryphus Tech division must fight for the Grineer. You can transfer to Eagle Tech if you wish to help the Corpus in this battle but note that we reserve the right to expel you if you reach the top members leaderboard in Gryphus Tech from supporting the Corpus.

Also please note that doing equal amounts of mission for each faction will result in 0 points. This has already been confirmed by the announcement thread made by a DE staff.


Clan rewards for this even may happen but in-game rewards such as the Manchete Wraith or the Prova Vandal as well as the Detron and the Brakk which both seem like hand cannons. You get the melee weapon at 25 missions and the guns at 100 missions. We highly encourage you to do so to help both the clan and yourself with the new guns.

More updates will come but make your clan proud!

-Warlord Gryphticon