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Warframes are the name of the exoskeletons used in the Warframe universe. They protect the wearer with regenerating shields while allowing him or her to use special abilities such as faster movement speed, higher jumping heights or control over elemental forces.

"Warframe exo-armor uses unique combative technology to create the ultimate weaponry. The Warframes hold many mysterious powers and mastering one requires dedicated use."

Warframes are dynamic and do not adhere to a single archetype, allowing them to be tailored to any play style. Though there are some Warframes that excel in certain situations, they are not necessarily limited to any particular role.


The extent to which a Warframe may be customized is primarily determined by the configuration of its modules, which may be installed to upgrade certain Warframe Attributes and even alter their abilities. Further bonuses can be achieved by equipping add-ons, such as Helmets.

Every Warframe features four unique powers that allow for a large degree of control over the surrounding environment. These powers can allow a Tenno to cast virtually anything, ranging from devastating waves of energies to defensive barriers, or even mass healing. Warframes greatly augment the physical abilities of a Tenno as well, affecting natural skills like swordsmanship, marksmanship and most notably acrobatics.


New players start as an Excalibur Warframe in a tutorial session. Upon completion, players are given a choice to start the game using either Excalibur, Loki, or Mag. By default, players are allotted 2 Warframes slots, each additional slot costing 20 platinum. There are two ways to obtain a new Warframe: 

  • The longer method requires the Tenno to acquire the Blueprints for the desired warframe's Chassis, Systems, and Helmet from a boss, build the items in the Foundry, purchase a Warframe blueprint with credits from the market, and manufacture the desired Warframe.
  • Purchase the Warframe with Platinum from the Market. Warframes acquired in this manner come with a pre-installed Orokin Reactor and their own slot.

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