Dojo Parties are often made to celebrate a event. There has only been three dojo parties currently with two organized in advanced. Any new parties will be announced on the main forums and on this page.


  1. The Random Dojo Party: This dojo party was randomly started by Gryphticon for a random purpose. The host was RsxHayabusa and this dojo party is currently the biggest. This aprty started June 9th 2013.
  2. The Arid Fear Event Dojo Party: The Arid Fear Event dojo party was organized one week in advanced . The host was ?. This party started August 17th at 5 PM EDT.
  3. High Ranks Dedication Dojo Party: This party is dedicated to the High Ranks. The host was RsxHayabusa and it occurred on October 12th at 2 PM EDT.


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