Unassigned are the partial members of the clan who have yet to joined a section. They thus do not have the power to vote on major clan decisions. While you are not yet a member of a section you will remain at this rank until you apply and is successfully invited into a section.

Unassigned members are not under Commander supervision as well thus if they are inactive over a long period of time they will be kicked from the clan without warning. This is especially true before an event where mass kicking is performed to increase clan effectiveness. If you want to remain in the clan find a section to join. You'll meet new friends and have specific people to host/join runs with.

Unassigned members also lack voting rights. GTC creates polls during major decision making time, e.g. the Gradivus Dilemma poll to choose between Grineer and Corpus as the main force to ally with.

Unassigned members will also lack the ability to paticipate in clan competitions. With the coming Warframe Olympics and Melee 2.0 contest, you'll be missing out a lot if you don't join a section now.


Your top priority is to find and join a section. We have quite a few to choose from so you'll most probably find a section that suits your needs.


  • Host

How to become a Member of the clanEdit

Simply apply here: Join now!