Termination Points (TP) is a new system implemented to monitor member activity. Termination points are given to a player if he/she fails to reach a minimum score during an in-game event. This system is not overly harsh however as it requires 10 points before a player is eligible for membership termination. Commanders supervise the Termination points of their members and give them out accordingly. Event activity are the main reasons for using this system but it also covers other areas.

Gaining Termination PointsEdit

Gaining termination points is not a good thing. Once you reach 10 points you will be considered for kicking.

Actions (or lack there of) that will gain TP:

  • Not achieving minimum score during an event (will be announced by the Warlord) [-1/event]
  • Abusive/disruptive behaviour depending on severity: [-1 to -5/offense]

Losing Termination PointsEdit

You do however, have a chance to redeem yourself. You can lose your TP by actively participating in clan activities. Note that the minimum TP is 0.

Actions that will lose TP:

  • Achieving minimum score during an event [+1/event]
  • Incredible achivement during an event [negotiable with high ranks]
  • Activities that will increase reputation of the clan: [-1 to -5/action]

Additional NotesEdit

This is a mostly subjective, arbitrary system and therefore is not always accurate to the situation thus high ranks should note that there will be exceptions to the rules stated.