LeaderRank Leader

They are regular members of the clan that past the Soldier/Recruiter rank and want to be a Officer. Their application has been approved by the Warlord and a Officer has chosen them. They will assist the Officers in doing promotions, in the architecture of the dojo, organizing events, moderating the in-game chat and forums, etc...


They are the Officers' or the Generals' apprentices and will assist them. Refer to Hierarchy.


  • Recruiter
  • Regulator
  • Promotion
  • Host

Current LeadersEdit

  • RsxHayabusa
  • AcolytteEdge
  • Galthazker
  • thewarrior96
  • diminish
  • XCypherX
  • Flywalker

How to become a LeaderEdit

The Leader role is no light burden to bear. When help is requested by a higher rank you are to perform your utmost. You are still required to aid in recruitment as well.

If you feel that you are ready, fill in an application on the website here .