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The duel arena is a place in the dojo to do PvP. It is currently the only form of PvP existing in Warframe. Anything is allowed and the effect of mods works.


As you enter the duel arena, you can see a set of blue and white rings. The blue ones drop energy during a battle while the white ones are where opponents kneel. a battle starts as soon as two opponents are kneeled. A wall having a liquid texture will appear to prevent anyone from entering and those who were in the ring gets immediately teleported out of it.

Cheap movesEdit

Cheap moves are combat maneuvers that are almost impossible to dodge, that end the battle way too fast or makes so hard to attack your opponent that makes it not possible to even call it a fun match. While cheap moves are allowed, we do not recommend it as it may result in people going in another arena to not fight with you. A few cheap moves will be listed here.

-Heavy melee slam

-Avalanche (causes the opponent to freeze and thus letting the Frost attack precisely)

-Maxed shotgun use (Will kill the opponent in around 2 shots depending on their warframes)

-Snow globe (It is considered as a semi-cheap move as you only need to stay out of the snow globe to avoid less speed and go inside if you want to attack)



One of the clan arenas.


Let the battle commence!

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Arena PvP 1-0

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Arena PvP 1-0