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Dojo Party II: High Ranks Appreciation endedEdit

The High Ranks Dedication Party will be on October 12th, the date has been voted 5 times which is the highest number of votes. This party is dedicated to the High Ranks who have all participated in forging this clan as it is, from our old Officers to our new Leaders, everyone played a part to achieve the greatness that this clan is today. It's a party to commemorate several events including the recent promotions of leaders and sages and the appreciation of the dedication shown by our high ranks. All high ranks are required to attend a.k.a. mandatory.

Extra Activities:

  • Audition for Promotion and Transfer
    • Incidently, the dojo party will also allow a large number of high ranks to be present, thus we will offer the possibility to "audition" for the Leader rank and for a transfer. We will ask questions to you and promote you if we feel you answered correctly. Just ask for an audition and any Officer to Warlord can complete your request.
    • 'Interviewers': Gryphticon, Wratharos, Rhekinos, 3deffect, HansVanHugendong, KriLL3 - Officer of Architecture (Concerning clan dojo), Quintus - Officer of Foreign Affairs (Concerning relations with other clans)

Venue: Gardens, Clan Dojo

Date/Time: 2pm EDT, Saturday on 12th October

Dojo Party endedEdit

The Gryphus Tech Corporation clan presents to you a Dojo Party! We will be recording a part of the party too! Let's try to reach 40 members in the dojo!

This one will be highly organized. The Party will mainly be in the Grand Hall since it is large. We will do our best so that you don't get lost. We will put waypoints as soon as you ask where is the Grand Hall.

Our party is in celebration of reaching the 3rd spot for the Arid Fear event as well so come join us if you're a member!

Venue: Grand Hall, Clan Dojo

Date/Time: 5pm EDT, Saturday on 17th August

Pictures are up for members!

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