The dojo is a meeting place for members of the clan in the game Warframe. There are currently 2 different dojos, one for each division. 

Gryphus Tech DojoEdit

The Gryphus Tech Dojo has been designed by the clan's Officer of Architecture: KriLL3. It currently has all the halls and 6 dueling rooms. It's been designed to be easier to navigate and to be more compact than the previous design which required extensive running to get where you want to go. Has 3 Zen Gardens, 2 obstacle courses, 1 trading post, all the labs + oracle.

  • One of the few elevators in the dojo
  • Spacious!
  • One of the many old reactor rooms
  • An example of a duel arenaGo to Duel_Arena_(Warframe)
  • 1 on 1 actionGo to Duel_Arena_(Warframe)

Gyphus Tech Dojo MapEdit


Eagle Tech DojoEdit

A copy of the old dojo as it was when the split was implemented, map is from when that happened, any more recent changes aren't accounted for.

Eagle Tech Dojo MapEdit


Dojo ToursEdit

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Tour 1

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Tour 1

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Tour 2

Gryphus Tech Corporation Dojo Tour 2

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