Aurion Empire

The Aurion Empire flag, the former one has been lost in time.

Formerly the ruling empire on Aurion, it has been conquered by the Gryphus Tech Corporation. The defeated empire lasted for around 2504 years until the coup d'etat of 2504 after the creation of the Aurion Empire.

Political RegimeEdit

It has a democracy in place very similar to the United States of America on Earth. Their are elections to choose the party that gets to become the government, the winning party's leader becomes the President and the leader chooses his Vice-President and his government.

There is also a seperate lesgislative council that are elected from each Area of the empire, they are responsible for making laws for the Aurion Empire.

After 2504, the only change has been that the Gryphus Tech Corporation may change anything in the government to their pleasure.

Coup d'etat of 2504Edit

2504 after the birth of the Aurion Empire, the Imperial Capital of Daedalus and its habitants lived another day of peace until the Gryphus Tech Corporation attacked, they were a private military contractor that no one suspected of being able to achieve such might.

The Gryphus Tech Corporation has sent their most skilled soldiers and gave them Auraframes, exo-skeletons most of the time made of Paranium that gave their users enhanced physical abilities. Not to be mixed with Warframes, the Auraframes are not connected to their user's brain but rather anticipates their user's mouvements.

Some Auraframes are even equipped with special crystal wings that allow their user to fly for a unlimited amount of time.

The source of the Auraframe's power came from a formerly rare and useless resource called Viridite, using new technology, Viridite is now used in Viridite cores that can generate as much energy as nuclear power plants on Earth.