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View of Aurion from space.

Aurion is a planet similar to planet Earth, it is a relatively warm and cozy planet that is home to multiple life forms as well as humans. It is located in the Milky Way, not too far away from planet Earth.

It is home to the defeated Aurion Empire and the Gryphus Tech Corporation.

Scientific InformationEdit

Class: Warm terra with life

Life: Organic multicellular

Diameter 12891.895 km

Mass 1.1485 M

Semimajor axis 3.981 AU

Orbital Period (Time to make a full rotation around the sun): 6.142 Earth years

Rotation Period (Time the planet takes to turn around itself): 3.106 Earth days

Age: 8.314e10 exponent 9

Gravity: 1.1244 g

Atmospheric pressure: 2.9537 atm

Average temperature: 307.24 K

Greenhouse eff: 88.43 K

Moons: 1